Since 2020 I’ve been collecting Fawful-themed merchandise which I use to decorate my living space. I often affectionately refer to this space as ‘The Fawful Den’ - hence the title of this section, haha. I thought I’d use this page to go through and talk about just some of the things I’ve collected over the years since I’ve gotten a lot of questions about it all.

Something to note is that everything in my collection with the exception of a few items (the Nintendo DS stylus and the plastic cards, which are official promotional merch from the release year of Bowser’s Inside Story) are one of a kind and custom made specifically for me by various independent artists as well as dear friends of mine over the years. They’re a mix of both paid commissions as well as gifts and (for the most part) are not intended to be replicated so I kindly request that you do not ask me where to purchase them. I began this collection with the intent of it being unique - it’s a part of how I express the depth of my love for Fawful. So with that being said, read on if you’re curious!

These first photos showcase the official merch I mentioned above! These were promotional items released for purchase a bit later after the game around 2010 as a Japanese exclusive. When I first recieved these from Japan I was absolutely thrilled upon finding out that they were made of plastic instead of cardstock like most cards are. They're extremely sturdy and will last a very long time as a result of this! In addition to having the full collection of characters, I've also been fortunate enough to obtain a second Fawful card which I was thrilled about for obvious reasons, haha.

Next up is ALSO official merch like the previous! These are Nintendo DS stylus pens released as Bowser's Inside Story promotional items in 2009. They were Gacha machine prizes for a while from what I've heard and there are still quite a few of these floating around as a result. Despite that though... they can be very difficult to get a hold of as I rarely see anyone put them up online for sale. While I do have two full collections of all the available characters (Starlow, Blitty, Blorbed Toad, Fawful, Broque Monsieur, and Broggy) my main focus in the photos are on the Fawful's I've collected, of which there are seven! More specifically I have six in English and one in Japanese.

Next up is a custom made Lego Fawful I ordered from artist Bruce Lowell (whose work you can find on!) I always thought it would be neat if Fawful could be part of the Super Mario LEGO sets, but since he isn't I'm really glad someone stepped up to the plate to create the closest thing to it!!

This is a custom made clay Fawful sculpture created for me by a friend of mine. You can find her and her work @bowletta on tumblr! I absolutely love how he came out and really appreciate her attention to detail on his facial features and proportions!

I'm the proud owner of the world's first ever Fawful dakimakuras! I have both a Superstar Saga themed one (double sided to switch between two of his outfits from the first game) as well as another featuring his Bowser's Inside Story appearance. The art for both of these pillows was created by Rian, a very skilled friend of mine who was kind enough to provide. While I initially considered drawing them myself, I really wanted the lineart to be as clean as possible for these so commissioning someone whose specialty was crisp art turned out to be the best decision.

Oh yeah, uh. This one... let's just say he was SUPPOSED to be a giant plushie commission but he came out rather embarassingly flat... so I guess I have a Fawful shaped pillow now! (That's what I tell everyone he is and was supposed to be, shhh.) It saves Fawful the embarassment and I love him too much to do that to him.

THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS IN MY ROOM SO I HAVE TO TALK ABOUT IT!! It's a perfect replica of of the portrait Fawful has put up of himself in Bowser's Inside Story! (Screenshot from the game included for reference!) It was painted by my friend Rian who was also the artist behind the previously mentioned dakimakura pillows I commissioned.

This next painting is one of the most beautiful things I've ever recieved so I absolutely have to talk about it. It was originally an idea I concieved as a commission but the friend I requested it from ended up painting it and surprising me with it as a gift instead.:'] Sean, I know you'll read this so please know that I will never be able to thank you enough for this. It's beautiful and truly captures the way I see Fawful in my heart in all his beauty and glory. For anyone else wondering, I had this printed on satin!

Next up is a poster I commissioned from a friend in Russia. I asked for a lighthearted Uncle Sam parody with Fawful except in the form of motivational posters because I wanted to make my room into a space to help me smile. I received these in August 2021! As you can see, there's both a Russian as well as English version! (As of the taking of this photo, I haven't gotten around to framing the English one yet.)

FAWFUL BLANKET!! I got this on aliexpress (I know, hush. LOL. The ads actually got me for once.)

I have 3 cork boards in my room that I refer to as my 'happy bean boards'! They're basically just a place to pin various things that make me happy, including but not limited to memes, art created for me, and letters/trinkets that have been sent my way! :) Here are just a few closeup shots of them to give you an idea!

I also have various perlers across my wall commissioned of some of Fawful's sprites from both the original DS as well as 3DS remake versions of Superstar Saga and Bowser's Inside Story! Pictured here are some of them:

PLUSHIE TIME! Here's my entire collection in one place! One day I'd like to have at least one of every outfit Fawful's worn in the games. These are mixed amigurumi (crochet) as well as regular style plushies!

That's where I'll end for now! But I plan to reformat and update this page with more in the near future so stay tuned and thanks for taking the time to check everything out!