My eternal gratitude goes to my friend Lord Crump (aka @thegroduschronicles on tumblr!) for building the code of this website from the ground up as well as teaching me a thing or two about HTML! You've been a LIFESAVER and I couldn't have done it without you!! I'd also like to thank my pal Sean (@seanhicksart) for creating the sprite icons on the front page!

And to ALL of my friends in and outside of the Starbeans Cafe discord server as well as longtime mutuals and followers, thank you for the unending encouragement, love, and acceptance you've shown towards me and what I do. You are all constantly inspiring me to be a better person as well as to never give up on my passions, regardless of what life brings my way. I love and appreciate y'all!!

Finally, a special thanks to anyone who may happen to be taking the time to read this page at all! Even if I never get to know you individually, I appreciate the time you've given from your own life to take a peak into mine! Take care, please!