Ramblings and art from Fawful's beloved barista. Last updated 5/1/24
About Me
For everything you'd like to know about the guy behind the Faff!
For any and all information relating to my Mario & Luigi fanwork, Flames of Fury, starring Fawful and Jolligig.
My Art
For all the silly (and not so silly) things I happen to draw.
Art by Others
For the giftart! I'm endlessly grateful for everything included in this section!
For the questions I've been asked more than a few times - those go here!
For the giftart that MOVES!
Special Thanks
For all the people who've helped make this place possible.
The Fawful Den
For my room & merch! I collect all things Fawful!
Letters to Fawful
For just some of the times I've had something to say to my favorite bean.
Hoohoo Mountain
For memes and other general stupidity I've collected & created over the years. Heehoo!
Just in case you want to link back! This page will be updated at a later date to include other websites I've personally enjoyed as well.
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